About the founder, Bill Jacobson, mpa.

  • Community Builder, Calling Back the Salmon
  • Technology Leader, Strategist & Artist

I’m an experienced and innovative community strategist who understands how to use technology to support and cultivate purposeful human relationships.

In my early career I led successful initiatives to help local government address the community life of seniors, restore culturally valuable property, and improve community outreach communication. I also developed alternative energy conservation and generation proposals for a major utility provider.

Later, working as a Technology Consultant and Trainer, I provided software and technology services to IBM Business Centers throughout the West. As a technology strategist for a fortune 1000 organization, I developed and oversaw the implementation of a nationwide shared network and gui environment.

In 1993 I opened Bill Jacobson Internet, providing web development and delivering interactive websites for numerous small business,, government, non-profit and grass roots constituencies.

Today, as a Community Builder & Technology Strategist for Social Alliance Network, I bring this expertise, insight, and creative ideas to people who recognize that Spiritual practice,  the purposeful use of technology, and clear communication can enhance purposeful relationship with nature.

I am about isolating, overseeing and implementing action that builds balanced, productive and meaningful relationships between people and the natural communities they serve.

In addition to my work with Social Alliance Network, I serve as community builder for Calling Back the Salmon, Tribal Representative in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dam relicensing, and serve as Salmon Restoration lead and Technology director for the California Indian Water Commission.