People, Process, Technology


Social Alliance Networking helps to unite complementary social groups take action toward common goals – online and offline. We address ways in which the common interests of organizations can be articulated, we facilitate the ability of the organizations to work together, and we provide technology tools that grow community building initiatives related to:

  • Recovery, Restoration & Protection of Wild Salmon
  • Recovery, Restoration & Protection of Watershed
  • Indigenous & Community Water Rights
  • Sustainable Land Management Practices
  • Emergency Planning, Management & Disaster Recovery
  • Economic Sustainability
  • Social Justice and Civil Rights

We provide guidance and tools that build meaningful communication and action.

Our core values are to creatively provide vision in creating balanced, productive and meaningful relationships between Native American communities, local community, governmental and business interests through education, community awareness, and advocating for balancing ecological, economic, social and spiritual lifeways of community.